Where are all the ‘anti war’ campaigners who…


Where are all the ‘anti-war’ campaigners who were so very, very keen to lecture Syrians and Syrian-Palestinians about how bad it was of them to plead for help in overthrowing the genocidal dictator slaughtering and starving them?
Are those campaigners busy supporting Assad like their other heroes George Galloway and Cynthia McKinney, or maybe sending messages of congratulation to him on his ongoing genocide, like the US Secretary of State John Kerry?

But no. The ‘anti-war’ campaigners’ oh-so-genuine concern for Syrians’ and indeed Syrian-Palestinians’ wellbeing and lives lasted a whole five minutes before they went back to worrying about the effects of GM foods and water fluoridation on Western people, whose lives matter after all… Meanwhile Assad’s genocide continues – and we hear not a damn peep out of these morally superior champions of pacifism.

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