LIVE BLOG | 22 year old Palestinian Ahmed Tazaz’a killed by zionist forces (Updated)

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Oct 31, 2013
Will be contunously updated as soon as more information is available

Initial reports state 22 year old Ahmed Imad Tazaz’a from the village of Qabatiya near Jenin has been killed by zionist forces’ indiscriminately firing and hit Ahmed multiple times in the chest while walking to the vegetable market.

The ambulance was obstructed by the israeli army as well from reaching the wounded who succumbed to his wounds.

Four others have been kidnapped. The four abducted have been identified as Rasem Khzeimiyya, 58 years old, Mo’men Saba’na, 23 years old, Ayman Abdul-Rahman Abu Ar-Rob, 27 years old, and Imad Shawkat Zakarna.

Furthermore, soldiers broke into dozens of homes, and violently searched, causing property damage, and kidnapped four Palestinians.

During the day another video appeared online, showing a young man being arrested, allegedly Ahmed Tazaz’a. As the caption quotes Ahmad must have been executed after his arrest.


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