What does it mean to Syria and to the world if Assad stays


 1. Breaking the spirit of Syria and destroying its will.

2. Putting the seal of approval  on the claim that all has been in vain, that all is lost: the dreams, the idealistic aspirations , the quest for emancipation and better lives ,the endless sacrifices, the heroic struggle, the Syrian part of the Arab Spring, the call for freedom, justice and dignity and the battle for democracy against tyranny.  

3. Endorsing with a sinister finality that the hundreds of thousands of dead, the hundreds of thousands of tortured raped wounded and maimed citizens, the millions of refugees , not to mention,  the shattered livelihoods of the Syrians for decades to come have all been senseless, futile, meaningless and nonsensical.

4. The final disintegration of the moral and physical fabric of the nation.

5. The birth of an age of darkness fuelled by hate, resentment, deformity of purpose,  dark evil capitulation…

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