Pt1 – The truth behind the #refugeescrisis: the war-monger empire strikes again

Global Political Analysis

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Summary of the US-EU-Israeli strategy threatening Europe

1) There is no way out of the global cartel’s EU-membership. EU is a dictatorial federal state – USE – which has evolved via the process of ignored, rigged, overridden and never-to-be-held EU-referenda [1]. The peoples of Europe stuck under EU’s centralised control have no voice in decision making in the most relevant matters, such as withdrawing support from the war-monger global cartel or deciding on EU’s immigration policies.

2) At present the EU is making it mandatory for all EU-countries to virtually absorb millions of migrants arriving from the Middle East [2] apparently upon the diktats of George Soros [14], a tycoon-icon and main figure of the unelected global cartel. The EU is effectively using the power of a ‘USE’ – though without legitimacy – to impose these laws and regulations on Europe.

3) Secret agents (shills) of the US-EU-Israel controlled global…

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