Abuses Against Refugees, Journalists in Hatay Increase Dramatically


Some names are hidden until further notice, to protect the identity of those involved.

On October 28th 2015 I was arrested in Turkey’s Hatay Province by the Jendarma. I was working there as the English language spokesman of the Salam (Peace) Organisation, a Syrian-run refugee organisation that rescues injured refugees, transports them over the border, provides free schooling for children, etc.

At the time I was carrying my camera equipment, passport, phone, etc. After noticing approaching soldiers before I did, those nearby bolted, leaving me suddenly facing three Gendarmerie (Jendarma) officers with M16 rifles.

I attempted to speak to them in Arabic. Assuming I was a Syrian, one instantly  went about slapping my face and punching me, followed by driving me to a large group of rounded-up (and nervous) Syrian refugees, and clubbing me over the head with his rifle. When he saw my passport, he promptly stopped.

7260180340_257b302336 Jendarma soldiers on patrol in Turkey.

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