No, Syria’s Rebels Do Not Sympathise With Da’esh

The Centre on Religion and Geopolitics recently published a report in which it claimed that 60% of anti-regime fighters in Syria sympathise with Da’esh.

The report claimed that 15 militias (containing 65,000 fighters) would “fill the gap” if the Assad regime was toppled, many of them being “sympathetic” to Da’esh as extremist views are “common among Syrian fighters of all stripes”.

“If Isis is defeated, there are at least 65,000 fighters belonging to other Salafi-jihadi groups ready to take its place”, added the centre after publishing the report.

The solution, it claimed, was not to leave groups like al-Qaida affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra and conservative Islamic Ahrar al-Sham movement “unchallenged”, and to fight Salafism (conservative Islam with an “intellectual and theological defeat of the pernicious ideology that drives it.”

The claim is both ridiculous and slanderous. In claiming that most Syrian revolutionary fighters sympathise with Da’esh, the report uses a deliberately misleading equation – having…

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