Khamenei’s Men in Palestine

The inception of the Iranian nuclear deal has given Tehran new life, and a fresh opportunity to branch out across the Middle East. Already running what remains of Souria al-Assad through Revolutionary Guard commanders and a patchwork of Iraqi and Syrian Alawite/Shi’a militias, Iranian influence has since extended to Yemen. Iran is heavily involved in the Houthis’ war effort, to the extent that some of the Houthis’ own brethren accuse them of being converts to the Iranian brand of Twelver Shi’ism.

In Iraq, the collapse of the Iraqi army and the loss of a third of the country to a disproportionately small number of Da’esh fighters granted Iran the opportunity to take control of the country by stepping in to “aid” the Iraqi government. Not by rebuilding the faltering army, but by deliberately neglecting it and strengthening their own patchwork of militias (with full US support) that now out-gun…

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