France’s Zionist Prime Minister, Manuel Valls*

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France’s Zionist Prime Minister, Manuel Valls*

By Guillaume Durocher

Valls’ Early Career: A Neoliberal with an “Ethnic” Rotten Borough

Valls calls himself a “Blairite” and a “Clintonian.” This is appropriate. He indeed represents that “right-wing” edge of the Socialist Party, the part that wants “modernize” the left by jettisoning the White working class in favour of unabashedly conforming to globalism and indeed even changing the name of the party. Indeed, the globalist paradigm — with unlimited open borders for immigrants and corporations — is incompatible with traditional left-wing goals, such as effectively taxing the rich, regulating finance, maintaining the welfare state, or protecting jobs and wages. Thus, Valls wants a “New Left” which abandons the old dream of socialism, while still claiming to be in some sense of the left. He represents both the Left’s selling out to global plutocracy and a kind of realism as to what can be…

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