Debunking the Zionist “hi-tech” Propaganda

Palestine Momentum

One of the zionist major tools to face the growing BDS is to portray “israel” as a modern industrial country that the world “cant live without their genius products”. They try to beautify the Zionist achievements in technology and especially in the hi-tech industries and to promote the Intel, Microsoft, Siemens and other products as theirs, and that every computer has an “ israeeli” component within it.
This is crucial for the Zionist simply because their economy depends precisely on this. Most of the Hi-tech companies operating in “israel” are western companies that if they withdraw it will mean the collapse of the Zionist “inventive mind” of high-tech, and this would deprive them from one of their major prides using the modern Western inventions attributing it to them and their “genius jewish mind”.
Following the history of creating “Israel” one can easily see that it is a parasite nation that…

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