“Greens” on the Fire !

Palestine Momentum

The Carmel Forest near Haifa city blazed in fire for a week  and the unstopped wildfire has resulted in 42 deaths and the burning of over 650 hectares of pine trees. Despite the regional and international firefighting teams and modern equipments but the fire wont stop !!

Everything is politics in this damn “holy” land and the roots of this monstrous fire go deep back in history even earlier than 1930s, before the zionists occupied Haifa and the Carmel Reserve and evacuate  the natives.

Out of the 61,000 Palestinian Arabs who used to call Haifa home, only 3,566 Palestinians were allowed to stay. The remaining population were in constant fear on their lives and properties, and many of them witnessed the looting of their homes and possessions by the Zionists.
In 1901, the Jewish National Fund JNF was established to facilitate the establishment of the zionist state on the rubble…

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