Seven Palestinian prisoners have been imprisoned for over 30 years in Israeli jails

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Seven Palestinian prisoners have now spent over thirty years in Israeli prisons, with four marking the beginning of their 31st imprisoned year this weekend.

Rushdi Hamdah Mohammed Abu Mukh, 55, and his cousin, Ibrahim Nayef Hamdan Abu Mukh, 56, are both serving life sentences, imprisoned since 24 March 1986. Walid Nimer As’ad Daqqa, 56, has been imprisoned since 25 March 1986, while Ibrahim Ahmad Bayadseh, 55, has been imprisoned since 26 March 1986. All four were members of the same Palestinian resistance group, who captured and killed an Israeli occupation soldier in Netanya in 1985, demanding an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. They were also accused of receiving military training from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Syria.

All of them were scheduled for release in 2014, but the last group, including 26 prisoners, were suddenly refused release by the Israeli state. As Addameer Prisoner…

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