The 16 most ridiculous reasons Muslims are kicked off airplanes

Charles B. Anthony

It’s not easy being Muslim these days, especially when going on holiday.

Reading a book

A British Muslim returning from her honeymoon was questioned by police at an airport under terrorism legislation after airline staff reported her for reading a book about Syrian culture.

Faizah Shaheen works with mental health patients to prevent radicalisation. Oh the irony.


Faisal Ali and Nazia Alki were on a Delta Air Lines flight in Paris, waiting to fly back to Cincinnati, Ohio, when an employee of the airline asked them to get off the plane.

The employee told them that the pilot had ask them to leave as crew members had felt “uncomfortable” with Mr Ali sweating. To be honest, I don’t like sweaty people either.

1Not shaving, obviously

Mark French was kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle from Dallas because his beard was scaring another passenger. Seems…

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