Gaza: A Capitalist Genocide (Essay)

Resistance Is Fertile

[Note: This essay was written from a standpoint that seeks to decrease (and ultimately destroy) all discrimination (based on ethnicity, religion, or other factors) through the dissemination of information and reasoned analysis. Zionism is not synonymous with Judaism. Islamism is not the same as Islam. And imperialism is not a word interchangeable with Christianity. Greed is not limited to one religion or one ethnic group, and none has a monopoly on brutality. And, more importantly, none is immune from feelings of compassion or solidarity. We are all capable of feeling hatred, and we are all capable of feeling love. This piece of work aims to foster the latter.]

In July 2014, the Israeli government decided to attack Gaza once again, and over two thousand Gazans were killed as a result. In this essay, my aim is not only to clarify the facts about what has happened during the…

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