What A New UN Secretary General Means for Palestine

Palestine Square | ميدان فلسـطيـن

Antonio Guterres Antonio Guterres

António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres will officially become the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations, succeeding Ban Ki-Moon, on 1 January 2017. The former UN High Commissioner for Refugees was elected on 13 October 2016, after receiving 13 out of 15 ‘encourage’ (informal) votes from the UN Security Council and garnering the ‘acclamation’ (unanimous consent) of the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

Following a short stint as an assistant professor of systems theory and telecommunications, in 1974 Guterres launched his political career as a member of Portugal’s Partido Socialista (Socialist Party or PS) in 1974. Guterres quickly asserted himself in the PS and held numerous and prominent positions in government and politics until 1995, when his party won the legislative elections and he became prime minister. During his time in office, Guterres spearheaded Portugal’s accession to the European Union, campaigned for UN intervention in East Timor (then occupied by…

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