What is immoral about the founding of the Jewish Zionist state in Palestine?

The immoral foundation of the zionist state in #Palestine.

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The same immoral foundation that applies to Israel’s fifty-year occupation of Palestinian land also applies to the founding of the Jewish Zionist state in Palestine in 1948.  After all, the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip resulted from the catastrophic partitioning of Palestine into three parts and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine’s non-Jewish Palestinian Arabs.

Logic dictates that the world should awaken to the immoral nature of the Zionist Jewish colonization of Palestine in 1948 by European immigrant Jews against the will of its Palestinian Arab inhabitants, just as the media now appears finally to be awakening to the criminal nature of the 1967 occupation [see, as just one example,  One Long Atrocity].

One “long atrocity” is preceded by another and follows the same Zionist plan of theft of Palestinian land [see Legalizing the theft of Palestinian land has been Israeli policy since Day 1

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We Won’t Go: Netanyahu says West Bank must remain Occupied under any peace deal.

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wewon'tgoIn the event that Israel and Palestine are able to reach a peace accord, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will keep military personnel in all areas of the West Bank.

“In any peace agreement, we will have to maintain military control of all the territory west of the Jordan River,” the Israeli leader told Army Radio. Without Israeli Defense Forces occupying the territory there would be a power vacuum just calling for extremists to set up shop in Israel’s backyard, he noted.


​But the Palestine-Israel relationship needs more cultivating before an accord can be reached. When hashing out details over the negotiations, from Netanyahu’s perspective, his counterparts “sit in their chair and refuse to answer the question.”

On May 1, Hamas expressed support for Israel’s 1967 borders, long a major sticking point in negotiations. While this was viewed as a softer posture toward Israel, chieftain Khaled Meshall reiterated that Hamas would not recognize the Jewish state of Israel – and for Netanyahu, that’s the crux of the issue. “The…

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Turkey’s Jewish organ trafficking Center where kidnapped Syrians are stripped of their entire bodies

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Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey by Sott.net

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FACT: Growing global problem of human trafficking and the sex slavery trade + Increasing global harvesting of human organs sold on the black market with Rabbis in NY & NJ involved = Uses victims of FAKED WARS & Kidnapping = SYRIA & PALESTINE as prime examples.


FACT: Syrian Medical Forensics Department says 18,000+ Syrians have had organs removed during the war thus far. Plus 386,000 estimated dead Syrians.

FACT: Syrian war (2012-2017) displaced or murdered 11.7 million people fleeing for their lives with…

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Israeli army is world’s best terrorist organization

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Before some idiot call me antisemite – the title of this post comes from Israel-American author and human rights activist Miko Peled 2012 statement (watch video below).

US Army Capt (ret) Joe Cortina made a similar statement about Israeli army during an interview he gave to Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari in August 2012.

On December 17, 2015, the Jewish News Online published an interview with Jurgen Todenhofer, the German reporter who had spent 10 days with the US-Israel created terrorist groupISIS in Iraq – claiming the terrorist group only fears Israeli army – knowing the latter is far greater terrorist organization than ISIS.

On December 12, 2001, Rob Miller (Jew) posted an article, entitled,Israel: A terrorist success storyat Australia’s Green Left Weekly.

Ran HaCohen, an Israeli academic says that if someone need to see Israel’s best terrorism in action – he/she should visit Hebron City

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On Israel’s Little-Known Concentration And Labor Camps (1948-1955)

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Much of the grim and murky circumstances of the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the late 1940s have gradually been exposed over time. One aspect – rarely researched or deeply discussed – is the internment of thousands of Palestinian civilians within at least 22 Zionist-run concentration and labor camps that existed from 1948 to 1955. Now more is known about the contours of this historical crime, due to the comprehensive research by renowned Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta and founding member of the Palestinian resource center BADIL Terry Rempel.

The facts are these.

The study – to be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Palestine Studies – relies on almost 500 pages of International Committee of the Red Cross’s (ICRC) reports written during the 1948 war, that were declassified and made available to the public in 1996, and accidentally discovered by one of the authors in 1999.

Civilians captured during the fall of Lydda and Ramle around the time of July 12, 1948 and taken to labour camps. In the July heat they were thirsty and were given a drop of water carried by a child under soldiers’ guard. (Photo: Salman Abu Sitta, Palestine  Land Society)


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Apartheid Israel & over 60 years of racism, war, theft & Palestinian genocide

“4 million occupied #Palestinians are held as prisoners in increasingly abusive conditions in what outstanding jewish American scholar Prof. Noam Chomsky of the 63-Nobel-Laureate MIT describes as a “prison” ( they are held without charge or trial in effectively several major Concentration camps – Gaza, Samaria & Judaea ; their capital Ciry has been stolen and violated together with the Third Most Sacred Site in Islam),”

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Related: The Facts About (Human) Cost of Occupation by Israel J

Wednesday May 14, 2008 – 00:31| BellaCiao |   Dr Gideon Polya

The fundamental messages from the World War 2 Jewish Holocaust (6 million victims, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) and the WW2 Holocaust in general (30 million Slav, Jewish and Roma dead) are “zero tolerance for racism” and “never again to anyone”.

These sacred messages from the WW2 Holocaust have been monstrously violated by Apartheid Israel, its Anglo-American backers and its racist Zionist (RZ) supporters for 60 years as summarized below.

1. There are now 7 million Palestinian refugees (4.3 million registered with the UNHCR); 85% of Christian Palestinians have fled.

2. 1.5 million Palestinian Israelis live under race-based Apartheid laws (Nazi- and Apartheid-style compulsory race-based ID at all times; race-based marriage prohibition laws; race-based discrimination over property acquisition, property rights, social participation, travel in their own country…

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